This post will explain how to flight to China from Indonesia. If you had read my posting about How if you stranded during covid-19 pandemic in other country? You might know how to survive in there. Every body got stress and headache at this time. But if you still have positive thinking, believe that will increase your immunities. Beside that, you shall implement healthy habit like use face mask, wash your hands regularly, bring hand sanitizer, and wash your cloths after going outside.

What You Must To Do

There are several tasks you shall done before boarding to China following below. Please do step by step and not bypass.


The basic thing if you want to go abroad or overseas is, you must have a valid passport. There is no special requirement, you can use general passport or e-passport for traveler. If you don’t have it, you must make it follow my previous post How to make an Indonesian passport. You need to wait around 3-5 working days until receive your passport.

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Terbang dari Indonesia ke Cina dengan Aman saat Covid-19

Invitation Letter

This invitation letter is not as usual before pandemic. Once you got invitation letter from company in China, they not directly give to you, but they shall deliver to Immigration of China to get HS code and approval letter. The waiting time to get approval from Immigration of China is very. I can’t say around 2-4 weeks because they receive a lot of request around the world.

Apply Visa Online

Once you have passport, invitation letter, approval letter and HS code from China Government. You can apply visa online from official website Visa China. No need to use broker or agency to perform this because it is very simple and easy to do. Just fill your data and photo, send via email, and waiting respond from embassy. If you didn’t get respond, try to call official phone number in working hours. I will make a guide in other post.

China Visa Online Application

Once you get the appointment date from embassy, you must go to the embassy office where you had select in the application form. If you select Jakarta, then you must go to Jakarta. Bring all necessary document required like passport, photo, copy ID card, copy family card, copy invitation letter, copy HS from China government, Health Declaration Form for Applicant, and Print out online application.

This process take time around 2 weeks until your visa approved. Of course depend on your completion document.

Rapid Test and Swab/PCR Test

Rapid Test is mandatory for domestic transportation. While, Swab/PCR Test is mandatory for international flight or overseas. This test is to identify the person infection by virus or not. The medical member take sample from your throat and noose. The name of this test is Nucleate Acid Swab Test.

You must go to the one of selected hospitals which are listed by China Embassy of Indonesia. Without that, your test result will rejected. Please note, airlines only approved negative result test with valid 3 days after sample taken. So, you must take super speed service to catch up it.

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Sealed The Health Declaration

Filled and signed your health declaration form. Then send it with your negative PCR test report to embassy by email. They will sealed it and give permit to oversea.

Buy Your Seat Direct to Charter Flight

Why charter flight??? Because at this time, only charter flight is recommended for you to overseas. If not, you will flight with several transit option and you may refuse to entry the transit country by the airline prior check in. This was happen with me. When I buy online ticket with 1 time transit via Hongkong. Unfortunately, the airline refuse us due to Hongkong still not open for transit to mainland China.

The price of charter flight is very expensive. Around two to four times from normal price. Some airline inclusive the swab test and 14 days hotel quarantine at arrival port/city. Then you can go to your final destination.

Safe Flight

Bring your ticket, negative swab test report, sealed health declaration by embassy, passport with valid visa, face mask, hand sanitizer. I don’t know this charter flight will implement social distance or they only full fill the seat as usual? Will be update in the next post or in this post once I got approved to flight.

How If You Are Not Indonesian Nationality ?

If you are foreigner stranded in Indonesia? You can check my previous post How if You Stranded. And you can try to contact below airlines if you want go to China. The above steps you must follow as well.

List of Charter Flight from Indonesia to China

Below airlines direct flight charter from Jakarta Soekarno Hatta Airport (CGK), Indonesia to several city in China as listed in table.

Sriwijaya AirHangzhou (SJ3184) 08.30 – 16.05
Every Wednesday

Wuhan (SJ3124) 07.00 – 14.00
Every Friday
+62 21 2927977 or
WeChat : evaprimainter
Whatsapp: +62 82366068989
Xiamen AirFuzhou (MF856) 12.50 – 19.10
Every Thursday
+62 21 57948316
China Southern AirlineGuangzhou (CZ388) 07.45 – 14.00
Every Saturday
+62 21 57958222
+62 811113109573
+62 811113109582
Batik Air / LionNanning (Batik) 13.25
Every Tuesday

Guangzhou (Lion) 17.10
Every Monday

Wuhan (Lion) 11.00
Every Saturday
Batik Air
Phone: (+6221) 633 8345/46
+62 85269850602

Lion Air
+6221 6379 8000


Although above procedure are quite simple. But to be honest, that will take your time and effort. So, please take spare few weeks before to catch up your flight boarding schedule. And the rushing time is between swab test until flight. Because the valid test report only three days before flight. Otherwise, you will lost your ticket.


  1. Bring hand sanitizer and refill.
  2. Bring maskers.
  3. You must have smartphone with WeChat and VPN installed.
  4. Bring your money in cashless.
  5. Bring detergent concentrate to wash your clothes.
  6. Bring your favorite dried food.
  7. Bring your snack.
  8. Buy local data plan or roaming because Wi-Fi is very poor.
  9. Buy VPN if you use local data plan.
  10. Download movie or game in your laptop/tablet/smartphone.

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Update 28 October 2020

Once landed in Nanning Airport, you must fill the health declaration via WeChat. If you don’t have it, you can installed before boarding. Make sure your registration approved by your friend who had account. The airport also provide the form which you fill manual. The officer will give you the sticker about your name and barcode.

Bring thus barcode along with passport to camera thermal check station. If your body temperature above 37 degC, you will be checked again using manual thermometer around 5 minutes. The officer will give you new masker and asking your condition. Ensure you have a lot of drink to prevent dehydration, because it make your body become heat.

Once your temperature normal, you will be get PCR and rapid test then the officer give you green card. The green card is the symbol that you have tested. Give the green card to the officer in front of immigration gate. Fill the immigration form, then queue to the line as per sign board foreigner or resident.

After get stamp on your passport, you must go to x-ray scanner to check your belonging. Then, go to outside airport and you must registration your name to the officer who arrange your shuttle bus to the quarantine hotel.

Arrived at hotel, you must registration again for quarantine. The hotel is selected by the immigration and health department.

I got Kay Day Four Season Hotel which cost RMB3990 paid in advance for 14 days inclusive 3 times meals. The regulation in China very strict, 1 person for 1 room (1P1R) even the room is quite big with twin large beds, desk, table, TV, shower, and central air con. You are not allowed to walking around corridor or visit your friend in other room once you have check in your room. If you caught, your quarantine day will be extended. The room service will provide your meals in front of your door and take your garbage.

Every day, the medical officer will check your body temperature in the morning and afternoon. And also take SWAB test from your throat. That are to make sure day by day you are health.

Please take note, the hotel WIFI is very poor. So you must have local data SIM card or data roaming. If you use roaming, you do not require VPN. Also I got lost my laundry due to the hotel staff assume it was a garbage. Although I was inform them and showed my cloths before packed in the plastic bag. And they ask to put in front of the door. So, they make my luggage auto lost weight.

Travel during Covid-19 Pandemic – How To Flight To China from Indonesia

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